About us…

The established publishing houses are increasingly only publishng what they deem to be ‘safe’ choices – authors with proven track records or who come with a marketing spin already attached.

We believe that that isn’t right. We believe that good stories, well-told, should be read, and our readers allowed to decide if they agree with us.

Shepline Words is a new publisher of fiction for children and adults alike who love the telling of good stories, often based on old myths or retellings. In 2012 we will be publishing debut novelist Deborah Shepherd’s first two books, The Underhill Buttons and A Thread Through Time (both for 9–16 year olds). We will also be publishing T E Shepherd’s debut novel for twenty-somethings and beyond (in both directions!), The End Of All Worlds.

Currently we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts but please do check back, as this may change.